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Originally Posted by xpander View Post
Thanks for the example files. Upon further testing with several files and settings, I found out something interesting.

It seems that if Reaper is set up to import existing MIDI files as .MID file reference, the files can not be opened in inline MIDI editor if they are of Type 0 MIDI files. IOW, only MIDI files which are of Type 1 (multitrack), can be opened and edited in inline editor with that condition.

I went back to Reaper v5.0 with the same results, so if it has ever worked, it would've been even earlier. I think this requires a bug report, or if it never was a feature, feature request at least.

edit: I filed a bug report about the issue;
Ok. Let it be known that on default settings, with the addition of making MIDI be of external files and not in-project: merely create a midi clip in Reaper (Ctrl drag) and it won't enter into inline editing by pressing 'E'. You said that it works for you, so I'm not sure if there's another setting I can enable to allow this to work for me. Any extra details so that I can have it work like you said?

It's noticed that a multi-track MIDI file when imported as separate tracks is automatically brought into 'in-project' despite the external setting enabled, and therefore the result of course allows inline editing since it's not external, but that's not the desired behavior. The desired behavior is to create a midi clip like with Ctrl+Drag with the external .midi file option enabled, and then utilize the inline editing ability like with 'in-project' midi.

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