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Build: 40612 from 12th of September 2019

  • Project Management: SaveProjectAs - saves the current project under a new filename; still has issues
  • Ultraschall: DeleteUSExternalState - deletes an extstate from the ultraschall.ini
  • Configuration Files: CountIniFileExternalState_sec - had inner variable exposed -> fixed
  • Configuration Files: EnumerateIniFileExternalState_sec - did return keys instead of sections -> fixed
  • Docs: Reaper-Internals - updated docs to JS-extension 0.991 and added new configvars from pre-releases
  • Helper Functions: SplitStringAtLineFeedToArray - didn't always return the last entry of the passed string -> fixed (thanks to Aurelien)
  • Ultraschall: EnumerateUSExternalState_sec - had problems, when ultraschall.ini was stored with CR+LF-lineendings -> fixed (thanks to rstockm)

You can download this prerelease from:
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