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what does "bigger than 4K" mean?
4K doesn't define a size. Not even pixel density. Just pixels quantity.

He likely has big monitor with 4K pixel number. In such case 200%/retina themes doesn't help because neither 100% or 200% scale are proper for such monitor.

check out this theme.
It is designed to cover needs of big monitors users as well as retina displays.
Regardless you like it or not, you can read an article about what and why happens to Reaper in such resolutions how themes might cope with it and why most of themes cannot scale well (mentioned theme is an exception).

Also you can try development builds. While they are improvements for current major version, already contain improvements in HighDPI department to be deployed in Realer v6 I think. As I saw recently, most themes should scale properly if you disable global_scale in a theme and use DPIscale in preferences instead. Keep in mind that scaling will result in some blurrines, especially up-scaling. Also it's a bit advanced subject so you might not feel comfy at beginning .

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