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Perhaps an exclusion for those?
All plugins take more or less time to load and it's kind of platform dependant, some can have EZdrummer loaded in 3 seconds in SSD, some in 1 minutes on their old Win XP, having custom rules for that is completly unmanageable.

Or maybe easier and better for your script to toggle REAPER's "Don't process muted tracks" option before rendering?
Tthere is few reason why someone could want to have muted track to be processed anyway (like some tracks which have only analyzer VST on it, or tracks used for FX with parameter modulation accross tracks like ReaLearn, or other things I might overloocked, maybe VCA, or track parameter linking etc).

So this would have to be optional or as seperate actions for custom actions.

Meanwhile, you can still manually toggle this preferences in the Option window and see how efficient it is!
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