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Originally Posted by reddiesel41264 View Post
If you want to play SFZ in GNU/Linux then use Carla. It makes use of SFZero. But it is very limited in the opcodes it supports. You can always use the Sforzando player in Wine via LinVst but obviously that's not free software.

If you want to make your own libraries then use HISE which runs natively. And I've also released a woodwind library built with HISE, available at
Does SFZero have DFD support? If not, that could be a problem. I use LinuxSampler as my Sample Player (like a Open Source Kontakt). With DFD, it is capable of monstrously large sample sets. Check out the SMM Drumkit: This is the size that I'm talking about. has more drum kits too. ImpactSoundworks has Shreddgage in SFZ and Shreddage Bass: Picked Edition in SFZ. Each of these examples are in the 1-3GB range. This is the beauty of LinuxSampler. I'd sure like to find another DFD supported sampler for Linux.
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