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Originally Posted by Tobbe View Post
I found a template here somewhere where everything is routed correctly.I got help from a user (dont remember who), how it works. Now I do this:

Start Reaper and load My template with 16 channel. Start Fantasia and it creates all channels same you have in Reaper. In Fantasia you load your soundfonts as many you need up to 16. When you play the keyboard in Fantasia you should see the same signal in Reaper. Save everything in Reaper when you are happy to a template.

If you want to user it again. Load the template first and then Fantasia.

Tidious job, I know. But we dont have anything else for Linux. Maybe you can taket a look at Linux Studio Plugin
OK, using a template sounds reasonable for starting and recording a project, but . . .

To load and playback a project that used Linuxsampler, do you have to manually load the frontend every time?

If you have to manually load the frontend to playback a saved project do you also have to lace up the midi and audio each time?

I'm getting the impression that nothing at all gets saved (except for the midi you recorded) and you are basically starting from scratch every time that you use it, whether recording something new or attempting to load and playback something that was recorded previously.

If the above statement is true, then it would be the equivalent to recording some midi with no instrument plugin and then saving the project, where every time you load the project, you have to go setup some instrument to play the midi back.

If loading a project with Linuxsampler doesn't remember what instruments were used, their midi channels, and the audio routing, it doesn't sound like I would want to use it.

Even though there is a performance hit using bridged Windows plugins that are running in Wine, they do at least make it so I can load a project and all the correct instruments load and are routed to the proper tracks where the song will playback exactly as it did the last time I worked on it.
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