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Originally Posted by Tobbe View Post
- Yup for now it is so. I hope someone can do so it pops up as soon you load the plugin in Reaper, like other VSTi's. Fantasia is done in Java, ain't all JS plugins also done in Java I wonder?

Ok, install KXStudio Repositories:

follow and you shall find
Thanks again, and to make sure I'm clear on how it works, if one were to,

Start a new project in REAPER, add the server to an FX bin, manually load the frontend, select a sampled file, assign midi and audio so it plays, record something in REAPER, save the project and close REAPER.

Then, with nothing at all running, load REAPER, and load the project. At this point what you recorded won't play until you manually load the front end?

And if the latter is true, does it even remember any of the midi and audio routing, or do you have to manually patch all that stuff too every time you load a project that used Linuxsampler?
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