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Originally Posted by Glennbo View Post
Thanks for the link.

So can you load up samples with this two piece arrangement and REAPER remembers what samples were loaded the next time you load your project, and if so do you have to even launch the front end interface once you've selected your samples?

If you have to manually load the front end every time you load a project, that would be sort of a kludge in my mind, but if you only need the front end long enough to select samples/routing or load it to make changes later, that wouldn't be too bad.

I looked for the download from the thread you posted the link to above, but it looks like it might no longer be there. It says Removed from disk on 2018-08-23. Removal requested on 2018-08-23.

I did find this on the Linux Sampler home page, but looking at the guts of the file with Engrampa I'm not finding the .so file.

In terminal:

apt search linuxsampler and make your choice

sudo apt install linuxsampler linuxsampler-vst (or linuxsampler-all) you get all the formats available.

I downloaded Fantasia from Linuxsampler site and put that into the same folder as .jsampler (gonna ask when you start LS for the first time, you need to create that folder if it doesn't exist). It's a bit of a hassle that it doesn't load Fantasia when you load the plugin in Reaper, you have to do it manually. In Windows it pops right up. You also need Java Runtime to use Fantasia. I wish someone could make a script or something that loads up Fantasia in Reaper.

More info here:
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