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Originally Posted by Pet View Post
Hi Phroneris,
this happens when you tag an upload as "theme", but use another file-type than an archive like "zip" or *.ReaperThemeZip. There was a thread in the german forum, I reported this to cockos in 11/2017 and was told that uploads like this are (quote from my E-Mail) "malformed in some way" and their file managing tools don't even see them and they therefore can't be deleted. BUT: (quote) "I notified the guys..."
I see, that is an already-known issue. Thanks!
I've uploaded it again as untagged (feel free to use, everyone!) so then I'll wait till my old one is rescued or deleted by cockos.

The last sentence I wrote - "I confirmed that I CAN ~" - was just to show that I was not necessarily able to upload/manage anything on the stash.
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