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Originally Posted by JamesPeters View Post

Also: some of the plugins generate significant signal around 10Hz. With a sine wave before it and a frequency spectrum analyzer afterward, you can see this (and it's not too far below the test signal level). So beware. Test the plugins to see if they do this, and be prepared to use a "DC remover" plugin (there's one included in Reaper as a JS plugin). Or deal with the fact the extra inaudible information in that frequency region might mess up your headroom, trigger compressors when you don't want, etc. I posted about this on one of his videos and in the comments for his latest plugin but he hasn't responded. Here are the plugins that I noticed have this behavior:
I'd be interested to know if this happens when using actual real-world signals, and not just when testing with pure sine waves. I think a lot of the responses of his plugins are quite program-dependent, and your analysis might be skewed because of the nature of the method used.
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