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Originally Posted by johnss View Post
the 96khz/24 is because; i used it on all of my beloved vinyls - the restoration of them (350+, most of them 12") took me allmost 1 year
and are "manually" restored via izotope rx 6, (no automate "select all" here :-) ) rx6 is the best of them all

In Formula One "specs": 5.8ms is 0.0058 sec, so im happy on that :-)
Right, but this is not an example that requires low latency. If you are only doing this kind of thing (ie post work) and NOT performing through synths or whatever instruments in the computer or running sound for a live stage, you don't need low latency performance.

You'll want to pause and wrap your head around that before you go spending a lot of money on a feature you may not ever actually use.
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