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Very excited about this one.

I've been thinking:
What is the ultimate Control Surface-solution for Reaper/ a DAW ?
The answer depends a little on user-scenario I guess,
but multifunction touch-screen with multifunction knobs seems quite good.

Lot of knobs for most common transport/edit,
and screen-knobs changing for the chosen tasks (think toolbar-icons)

Then, the old paradigm of one fader/ch per DAW-track seems pretty useless.
Personally, one fader (selected track) is enough for most tasks.
Or, assignable faders 8/16 for typical busses.

Then, those faders should work for plugin-automation as well,
but then 2-way communication for led-labels are crucial.

It is of little use having a ton of faders/knobs if you don't know what they are assigned to/ value.

I believe track_ID is sorely missing in Reaper.

But else, most should be doable.
Generic, GUI-less plugins should be ok,
but GR-meter is maybe harder.

Just my random thoughts
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