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Default Binder 2 testing

OK, here we go, pre-release version of Binder-2:

No manual right now, but almost the same functions as in Binder-1, only more and better )

Remember that some Reaper operations have no feedback to controller, like navigation and items operations commands, also phase invert and master out send/mute sends, so this ones are not bugs of the Binder.

New features:
- Stereo metering on tracks
- double pan knobs (for "pan+width" mode)
- 8 sends with pan per track
- 24 receives with pans per track (for cue busses)
- 20 selected FX parameters in bank
- FX chain copy/paste add/paste replace
- Sends copy/paste add/paste replace/delete/mute-unmute
- Phase invert
- Master send mute per track (for cue busses)
- Change plugins order in chain
- "Relative" faders mode (in addition to "free" and "cap only")
- 12 snapshots save/recall
- Current region and marker indication for easy "tape-style" navigation
- 24 markers with names (just touch "current marker name")
- 24 regions with names (touch "current region name")
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