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Originally Posted by fundorin View Post

Pot/Fader pickup mode is needed.

Encoders do not control fx/device settings. LCD is showing proper names for settings, but LED rings doesn't show anything, as well as there's no actual control of the vst's parameters.

"Write on/off" only switches between read/write. No "off" option is available.

Can't replicate previous issue when device couldn't be enabled with the button. It's working now.
Can confirm all these issues are present, apart from the enable / disable issue, that seems fine to me.

Using ZEROSLMk2 here.

I noticed another couple of things:

Switching between track bank 1 and 2 can cause the first track of bank 2 to remain selected in reaper, but not on the controller

It's possible to lose sync between the plugin selection in reaper and the controller, by using the right hand "device" button to go beyond the end of the list. (FX bypass will work on the correct plugin in this case, but the plugin will not be made visible in reaper.)

Holding the "Preview" button to switch the screens to other rows doesn't work.

The touch sensitivity for the bottom row of encoders seems to be linked to the top row. Tapping the bottom row will not switch the screens, you have to actually turn a knob, and once they are on the screen tapping the top row will switch between the bottom row values rather than selecting the top row.

Overall though, I'm very impressed with this. I've basically used this thing as two extra midi ports for the last year, and I reckon I will actually use it as a controller now.
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