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The pulse as you call it is actually a ping.. You can plug your interface outputs into its inputs to create a loop...
The ping measures how long it takes to travel out of the interface thru DA converter then thru it's analog output then travel thru that cable back into the interfaces analog input then to its AD converter back to that software...

It's not taking into account the DAW on latency..
But it shows you the difference between all the different interface (AD/DA with micpres) and converters (just AD/DA) which I use..

But each company can have different times.. Because of converters the clocks they build then the analog of course most of them the analog timing would be about the same its the converters and clocks that cause the difference in delay.

So the reason to post is to show the difference so you don't have to test a bunch of units..
But also because people who use outboard gear when mixing want low latency or as low as you can get.

Since reaper can't seem to fix the plugin for pinging hardware used on inserts to ping correctly..
Which you can do once you have the numbers for your converter is then enter that number in the plugin window for (external gear). So I have mine written down not in front of me... But if I was mixing and I had my buffer at that point set to 256 or 512 and say I wanted to use some outboard gear on a bass... I would add that external gear plugin.. Set its output to one of my SSL outs run that into outboard comp,EQ and then back into SSL input and then select that same input in the external gear plugin... Now I've created a loop (effect send/return on bass).
In that plugin window instead of hitting ping (which gets it wrong a lot) I will look at my notes cheat sheet..
And if my buffer was 256 I'd look at that row or if I was 512 I'd look at that row... And those rows that I made are based on measurement at 44.1 and I'd put those numbers in the plug that generally is more on time then Reaper doing it itself.. Most times. Also with the samples info you could slide a track to make the difference as well... I don't do that nearly as much as the pro tools days.. Honestly for me I've been using my outboard for tracking and not as much during mixing lately just to make tweaks and recalls easier.
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