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Originally Posted by ivansc View Post
I assume the lemur is only available used these days?
This is obviously intended to be used with the (kind of expensive but very awesome) Lemur app for iOS devices, not the (kind of awesome but very expensive ) Lemur hardware device.
Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
[...] Well, I think it does: if you download zvukofor's zip, unzip it where explained => it works, and it will work for all users, so it is reliable in that regard..


@zvukofor: may be a note like "if reaper-osc-actions.ini already exits, do no overwrite but merge!" worths being added though (?)
Yeah, I sure do agree that it makes the setup process more reliable than having to learn a bunch of mappings manually, and of course it's also much easier. Apart from that small caveat for possibly overwriting any pre-existing file, the provided instructions look excellent; very clear and easy to follow.
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