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Let's not derail the thread, I'll try to make it short (and will not come back whatever happens, promised!).
Originally Posted by Banned View Post
Thanks for bringing this up again, Jeffos. But I don't see how that makes actions mapped via OSC any less "unreliable".
Well, I think it does: if you download zvukofor's zip, unzip it where explained => it works, and it will work for all users, so it is reliable in that regard..
.. but, for the reasons you said (except may be with the "action feedback" thing: other issue to me + examples sounds like bugs to me :/), it still a workaround I agree!
Workaround, but the better thing zvukofor could do at the moment, I think.

Background: among the list of features in the OP, some of them are actually SWS ones so, with a "simple zip" I dared zvukofor's OSC layout won't work for the very reasons discussed here.. I had a look => reaper-osc-actions.ini file!!? Dang, I completely missed that one! I was thinking OSC bindings were saved in reaper-kb.ini (with all other MIDI/keyboard bindings), so much more complicated than that.

Anyway, I'm with you Banned, let's hope such great layouts will push actions' string identifiers support, I mean straight things like /action/_SWS_ABOUT (or any other way).
On a sidenote, there would be solutions via SWS too (e.g. we have fixed numeric IDs in the action section "S&M extension" humm...) but this really sounds like a job for REAPER, not SWS.


@zvukofor: may be a note like "if reaper-osc-actions.ini already exits, do no overwrite but merge!" worths being added though (?)
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