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Hi Breeder and G-Sun, I've got a rather stupid question.

The other day I had a project that I needed to tempo map to an audio track. I took a look in this thread thinking I'd try this procedure instead of the normal 101 way which I'm quite comfortable with.

In short, I was in a hurry and felt kind of baffled in reading through this thread as far as how to proceed. I ended up just doing it the old way.

Anyway, my dumb question is, what would I do different from the old 101 way, what is the significance between the two approaches?

With the 101 way I just figure out the basic beat and set the Project tempo to it. Then I put markers on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd bars to give me a 2 bar count-in.

From there I hit play from the front and starting at bar 4, I manually put markers in on each bar to the end of the song. Then I go through and visually adjust each marker to better line up with the front of each bar.

Then of course I run my macro. This works quite well.

So what do I do different then that?
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