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Originally Posted by thequietroom View Post
Soundcloud is ok for this purpose I think. Upload a good quality mp3. Im not 100% sure if it recodes it but for making it easy for forum members to click a link and hear it works pretty well, especially for most general mix feedback.

I've not run into a case where the apparent problems in my mix were actually just a problem with the MP3 compression (assuming a good codec like lame at hi bitrate)..

I think this is probably why all my favorite commercial songs sound pretty good as mp3s also
Well the one thing i noticed and was trying to point out that (and this just hit me) there may be a reason a few people have already suggested to me that when i think ive found the spot on my compressor back it off a bit.. its cuz I think when you render it kicks compressors or other plug ins for that matter just a bit harder.. but only when converting sample rates or bitrates mind you.. at least thats a theory as to why people have learned to back off just a bit.. which is a lesson learned and given not something someone would just know to do... but one im going to try... but that is for later and not cuz im defending my original stance on any of my stuff.. im just going to try it
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