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Hopefully you don't mind a longer response, hope it's not too much TL;DR...

its my belief that THAT MUSIC IS ART NOT SCIENCE although in this day and age it has more science then art but so far no one has heard my tracks and said.. "its great but your timing isnt perfect.." fans dont deconstruct things that way.. engineers do..
Sometimes it is about art and expression... but if you're striving for accuracy and clarity in your mix, then it really is about a disciplined and informed approach to your mixing. Don't let emotion and feelings of "but it's art! my art!" get in the way of that goal.

In a more general sense, being heavy is as much about being in lock-step with your bandmates as it is badass riffs and good tone... possibly even more so. Please don't let yourself be drawn away from that. The heaviest bands I've seen were the ones where everyone was tight with each other and hitting those riffs as a group.

Really? the snare hit being off is causing the pumping???
Actually, yeah, a snare hit being off can cause pumping - by triggering a compressor too soon. And if you have mix-wide compression (as you have multiple instances of) then yes, things being off can absolutely cause pumping. Even subtle pumping can wreak merry havoc.

It's not always easy to hear. For me it starts as more of an awareness, a recognition that something isn't right. It takes time and concentration for me to cross off the list of possible culprits... but that's something that I need to work on.

to go a little further back,

high pass at 40 then a little saturation to give it color (that's not compression right? just a little tape warmth)
Actually yes, tape saturation usually implies some degree of compression - that's part of where that warmth comes from.


However, this optimisation of distortion is at the expense of high‑frequency extension and transient accuracy and provides a 'warmer' sound character than the flat and linear response of digital systems.
Translated, that means that less transients, less high-frequency content, more midrange, which all can contribute to a subjective imbalance between lows, mids, and highs. Not always, obviously, but something to really watch out for - especially when used with other compressors and saturation.

next a high shelf to bring out the hats and cymbals..
But I can't hear your cymbals. Ergo, something is wrong. I don't hear it in the initial mix, so something in the mix isn't. Mastering should be a process of adding polish, not trying to fix the mix.


Overall, I hear you describing how you're trying to use those effects and I think that you have the right attitude towards it - multiple plugins, each adding their own subtle nuances. That attitude is a good one, I just think that how you're going about it is a little off, and that some of this needs to be addressed in the mix long before it's touched on in the mastering phase.
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