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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
see, thats the problem. you blame everyone else and everything else. first thing - and now I am helping you really with a meaningful advise - is to think of thats your own fault if something doesnt sound good.

and no, I think you dont want to learn. I think you defend everything you do, you didnt put anything in question you did, and part after part came out that it was all you in doing something wrong. if you would want to learn, you would have considered that you did something wrong. but no, your mixes were always very ok (no, they werent), your mastering chain is like the big boys do it (no, it isnt), your masters always sounded good (no, they didnt) and all your work in the past translated very well (I dont know that, buit what I have heard here on my monitors, that you blamed too for your mixes sounding bad, I doubt that anything translated), your wrong drumming and out of time things is a rebellion against the inhumanity of the industry (no, its not, its simply bad musicianship), and so on and on ...

no, you dont want to learn. you dont ask, you let others get to the point and then you blame them.

real davise: get rid of your mastering chain, I wrote that before. so if you dont want to hear advises, go on. its your issues.

I am out, because you know better. but if you know better, why the hell are your mixes sound that bad? that is what I call a bad attitude that I dont take any longer.

Im out. of this here, of course ...
Im not blaming them,, Im thanking them.. cuz everyone has actualy been less critical and more helpful... but the fact that im not a human metronome makes me a bad musician.. oh and i dont tune my guitar.. my mixes are completely untuned... that is a big issue for me.. i just dont know how to use a tuner...and im sorry im just not as good as the award winning platinum selling whiteaxxe.. but i blame you cuz im unwilling to say that yeah my stuff need swork... just not time work as far as im concerned.. the compression pumping yeah ill give it to you i dont hear it but others agreed so ill give you that win... have a good one...

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