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Originally Posted by whiteaxxxe View Post
ok. no problem.

never said what you have read into my posts. I see that you didnt get what I said. if you dont like someone telling you that your attitude in making music leads you to nothing, so be it. I didnt ask for help and then got onto someone who tried to explain whats the main problem is. if you are not interested in me discussing YOUR issues here ... ok. I have no probelm with that.

but its your attitude that gives you issues, musicwise.

have a nice day ...
Really? the snare hit being off is causing the pumping??? or what ever else you are telling my mix or master has wrong???? so everyone else who said its well recorded it just needs a little of this or i need to dump this or check my phase all of them are idiots cuz they haven't pointed out that my drums aren't in perfect time???? come on dude... everyone else has been so helpful all youve done is critisize everyone else is trying to help.. and none of them have said oh btw your drums are outta time fix that first... again ill listen to them and good luck to you... appreciate it im sorry you wasted your time here on poor pathetic me...
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