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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
Hmm, latest v6 alpha theme? I can't reproduce that here, any custom swell scaling or UI scaling enabled? Does it do it with a fresh portable install?

I'll be sure to check that out asap but just off the top of my head I think I do have some custom swell going on for font size & colours in menus.

OOPS! I checked my reaper.ini & I had UI_scale set to 1.15 & UI_scale_auto set to 0, Although this didn't seem to cause any issue pre v5.979+dev0618. I've set these back to 1 & that's fixed the issue but the menu fonts are bit too small now for my poor bespectacled eyes

EDIT: I changed the font size in my lib-swell file so that's me sorted for now. Sorry if I've wasted your time Justin
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