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Originally Posted by Bezmotivnik View Post

Avoid self-ordained "guitar techs" who offer instant "While-U-Wait" setups at fixed fees.
Big +1 to this. I've corrected totally hacked up setups from friends that had their stuff "set up" at a big music chain.

Find a good local guy that is recommended from long time local players. Pay the extra $20-$30 for the setup. I can almost guarantee he/she listen to your requests, ask what style of music you play, set up the guitar for YOU. Also, they will often even tell you what they did to improve your guitar, which in turn is a learning experience for you.

Originally Posted by Bezmotivnik View Post
Your guitar will NEVER be "intonated" or even "in tune."
This is also true, in a sense. I'll add that a perfectly intonated guitar will still be out of tune if you man handle chords (like I do). If the tech pressed on the 12th fret lightly and intonates it and you grip the neck like a bear and press harder on the strings, the chord will be "out of tune". Jumbo frets amplify this problem.
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