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Just record at or near analog 0 - whatever that is on your digital meter, depending on converter calibration - and it takes care of itself. Many prosumer converters are probably -18 or even -15. Pass a tone though one to find out.

That was a long thread and Frindle was 100% correct, but the thing many people missed is they were talking about PTHD so - some - of that stuff doesn't apply to Reaper or any other native daw.

Record in the normal analog ranges and the other stuff takes care of itself. If your converters are calibrated to -20 you shouldn't be consistently over that - RMS wise (peak wise, sure you'll peak over that) - anyway. Turning your tracks down to - peak - at -20 isn't quite the same thing.

The problem is - imo - that very few prosumer audio devices even have VU meters anymore. Nobody would record +18 analog to tape but people do it in digital, go figure.

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