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Originally Posted by PitchSlap View Post
This technique (thanks Yep and Paul Frindle) has made a very noticeable difference in my mixes...
Absolutely! Though your statement is something to think about: in the analog world, would you have called gain staging a "technique"? I don't think so – I'd call it a "physical rule". Nobody in the 60's to 80's would have asked why a recording sounds bad, while the levels were obviously slapped to overdrive nirvana.

True that in the 16bit era your converters had been most happy when fed close to the 0dbFS point, but 24 bit is a completely different thing! Coming from that era, I had to learn and accept it, too, but the question is why DAW developers don't include some easy accessible workaround for this simple fact??

Like I pointed out in a FR regarding this: the Sony Oxford console had a "virtual zero" or "analog calibration", so meters on analog outboard would visualize the same values as the digital I/O's. There's no way, in no DAW, to decide "my headroom shall be 18db(FS), so my 0db(VU) is shown at -18dbFS, everything above will be visualized as 'red'".
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