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Oh yes, I remember. This is where I gave up 2 years ago, because the only way anyone could figure for me to get access to the list of preset names in the reaper dropdown was to call every preset in order, which is obviously a bad idea in the case of Kontakt.

But now it occurs to me I could probably parse a given library file to get a list of presets before I load it into the vst....

That doesn't help with vsts that furnish a list to the host, though.


Oh yeah, I remember. Then I found out there were ways to automatically create a reabank from a vst, and I guess I could parse that to get a list in that situation.

Sure would be nice if I could just get the preset list from Reaper. But that's a 2 year old API request now, so I guess that's a no go. Just doesn't seem like it would be hard to do.

Just nobody but me wants it.
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