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Well, the concepts of preset/patch/bank are understood from the beginning, of course. I think Iīm not explaining myself correctly in english, so Iīll put an example :

Say I have three tracks, each with an instrument and an instance of ReaEQ. Now the issue is : if I want to have a custom preset list for each instance of ReaEQ, I canīt. All I can have is a global user preset list, which appears on every instance in the same way. If I import a .RPL library, it is simply added at the end of the list, so itīs not flexible at all. I simply need to change presets with a list per instance, to set up, for example, different EQ sections for each particular instrument on each track (linking them, i.e., to program changes). Up until now, Reaper presets are handled globally and you can only see a single user presets list on every instance.

Am I explaining it better, now?
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