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Originally Posted by Klangfarben View Post
Hint 2: Yes, GPUs can decode MPEG along with several other formats
(I did not say that this would not be useful or desirable...)

I do know that the "GPU" Processor on a video "card" can do jut about anything, because it in fact is a "processor", and as it does have special features there are things (like calculating bitcoins) it can do especially well. But OTOH to make use of this you need to do software for that exact GPU your hardware features, and this of course is not what a "general purpose" software such as Reaper can be expected to feature. Regarding a video codec, this needs to be done in an appropriate driver software. If there is such a driver that adheres to the standard video codec format Reaper uses, it should be usable by Reaper (but this does not seem to have been discussed here but the discussion was on "Reaper using hardware", which in it's literal sense is not viable, useful or desirable... ).

I am happy to have learned by Dragon and you that there in fact are video codec algorithms to be run on the GPU and by Justin, why Reaper can't make use of that yet.


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