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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
It's not really strange, VLC isn't really designed to be loaded by other applications, the way we use it for decoding is by (primarily) loading its copy of libav...
Justin thank you for taking a look into this. I think we really would benefit from having some aspects of Reaper run on the GPU.

I realize this may be a difficulty process to develope a video engine that works in this way so I totally understand if this needs to wait until after Reaper v6 is out. In all fairness I would much rather see envelopes in the MIDI editor fully worked out in v6 before graphics acceleration.

Here is what I'm experiencing on the video side:

There does not seem to be anything with in the Reaper preferences that stops the glitches I'm experiencing on multiple test rigs. It also doesn't seem to matter what brand GPU the rig is using. Video playback is stuttered in both VLC and FFMPEG. Quicktime codec playback seems to be unsuable, it stutters so much that I can't write music in sync with the video. VLC seems to be the most stable but it still stutters about every 4-5 seconds.

Is there anything us users can do to help test a dev version of Reaper that allows the video to be playback on the GPU instead of the CPU? Is there any open source access that can be extended to us scripters. If so perhapse we can help with heavy lifting that's likely required to develope such an engine.

Thanks again for all the hard work with the most recent updates. You guys are the real deal and we are lucky to have you.
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