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Default Edit feature!

Hi, I´m pretty new to Reaper. I´m a long time Samplitude user, but turned to Reaper a few months ago. And I love it! Great workflow and features.

But samplitude has some great edit features too, and I was wondering if some of them are possible in Reaper as well.
One of the nicest things in Samplitude is the ´EDIT ROOT VIP`. VIP in Samplitude is what RPP is in Reaper.

In Samplitude this is what happens:
When you are working on a mastering session with mixes that you did yourself, and you notice something in a song, you could easily select the ´object´, which is ´item´ in Reaper, and your multi track mix opens in a new tab. You can make some changes, close the multi track mix and voila, the mix in your mastering session instantly changes to the new mix with the changes.
It's very handy and time saving.

Is this possible in Reaper?

cheers, Peter
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