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Originally Posted by sl23 View Post
Just checked the evolution theme you mentioned, very nice! Transport buttons are great too. The backlighting defeat is much better than the theme I mentioned.

I do like the evolution theme, it is my main theme I use. It has it's quirks and differences to some others. My only issue with it has nothing to do with the theme itself, as I only have (currently) a 1080P monitor, I don't have a lot of real-estate in way of screen size.

I did like some of the Pro Tool'ish themes, but after using them for a long time, they get a bit bright for me and end up hurting the eyesockets.

I am waiting with baited breath for this one to be released so I can check it out, it looks really usable, nice colour scheme, not to bright or to dark - just right.

I like the light grey colour of the faders and the smooth look (not textured). Each to there own though and ultimately the decision will be the creators. Either way it is going to be a great theme.
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