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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
I like this a lot.
have one issue and one question:

Issue - I prefer the fader with white center stripe, but it seems less crisp visually than the rest of the elements.

Question - will you make the color rings around the Pan and Width knobs sweepable or will they remain as static rings shown in the screenshots?
It works either way, but making them sweepable indicators would be very useful.

Again, I really like what you've done here and look forward to seeing the TCP.
Lucas, how have you been? Thank you for the like, it's great to get good
feedback from someone who has done so much work here. Yes, on the faders, the analog
console style fader is a bit less sharp, it is actually a composite. It is a real
photo of a fader laid on top of the alternate fader shown in the screencap.
The faders and knobs, like pretty much everything else, are decent placeholders.
I actually did so much tweaking in knobman to get the knobs looking good, I did
one and rendered it different colors, and forgot to add rotation and mask to make the dials
sweep, I obviously meant to, lol, so that will be forthcoming.

How about a darker version of the synthetic fader thumb:

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