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Originally Posted by moss View Post
I released an update 2.10:

- New: If supported by the Java/OS platform the application is run as a tray icon.
Closing the app minimizes it to the tray. Double click the tray icon to show it again.
Right click on the tray icon to show the context menu with the options to show
the application or to exit it. If Auto-run is enabled, the app is automatically minimized
on startup.
- New: The console window is no longer shown on startup.
- New: 64 drum pad view for Ableton Push and Novation Launchpad Pro / MkII.
- New: Bank page is now automatically adjusted on controller if changed in Reaper.
- Fixed: Midi In-/Outputs were not correctly restarted when Configuration dialog was closed.
- Fixed: Push 2 preview display window was still drawn when hidden.
- Fixed: Push 2 preview display window produced OutOfMemoryExceptions after a while.
Thanks for the update! I tested it with the following findings. I will try to be as detailed as possible.

The drum mode is awesome!

The minimize to tray is very nice.

Track selection works as intended now. Great work.

Errors are also gone from the transformator config screen.

First, the most important stuff: We do need a way to make it linear too. I mean, being able to choose whether to use groups of 16 pads or being able to start by the lowest note and go all the way to the right, in linear mode. Many mappings work like this. This and making it respond without latency are culprit.

I am not sure what the "new" button does. It disables the automatic record when selected feature in mine and tries to start recording. I suppose it is to record a new clip? Should not disarm the channel, then. I also feel that arm/disarm functions everywhere should also cycle through automatic track arm when selected, too.

The automate button on push 2 is brutally slow to change modes. It misses ciclyng through the Trim/Read default mode many times.

Device controls do not update to the selected or focused device. I have to select it manually with the arrows on push 2.

Add device only considers user folders when in collection mode. Collection is useless for me, it is super slow. Maybe due to the big a mount of plugins? I would def get rid of the tags category and go for user folders.

Select clip color function does not work at all.

The browse function only shows preset for reaper plugs. Waves, arturia, fab filter and others do not show presets there. Also, you can not move to the next or previous FX when in that mode.

I am getting a notification whenever I touch the volume, pan or send. Is it a feature? Since push screen and reaper already have that info, dunno if it is necessary.

Changing octaves gives a milisecond flash on push 2 display screen. I have a feeling that it should last a lil longer.

Also, the track color via select button does not work either.

I have an idea. Maybe using the stop clip button to cycle through the already set modes of operation of the ribbon, with a visual feedback on push 2 screen.

As a future idea, there is some work on scripts by MPL on pattern management like RS5K manager, that I feel your project could use to be able to use the step sequencer feature like in ableton or bitwig. VERY promising future there if you ask me.

Once again, thanks for this awesome project. Hope I was of good help!

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