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Default LED Mapping for Quneo

Just sharing my mapping to use the Keith Mcmillen Quneo LED feedback with Playtime! Requires Realearn.

Quneo LED Mapping

This is meant for the grid mode setting, so 64 triggers across the 16 pads.

Put the "Quneo 64.json" file in "C:\ProgramData\Playtime\controllers" and load the "Playtime.quneopreset" template into your Quneo through the Quneo editor.

Also, install Realearn! The track template requires Realearn, as there is an instance in the input FX's which you have to point to your Quneo controller as the midi input.

Then just load the track template in Reaper, set the midi hardware output to the QUNEO, set the "MIDI Control Input" in Realearn to QUNEO, assign tracks for the slot groups you want to use, and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps somebody out!
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