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Originally Posted by inertia View Post
Faderport 16 works just fine for me using MCU controller and Logic setup. I have a few customisation actions setup for some buttons but mainly just use the volume controls, click and repeat buttons and pan pots.

You need to set up two controllers...FP16 for the in/out midi ports for controller 1 and MIDI2FP16 for the second controller. You might need to add an offset of 8 on the 2nd driver.

I actually have the FP8 and 16 set up at the same time using 24 faders in total.
That did it. It works now. And I got it working in all my DAWs now (Reaper, Cakewalk by BandLab, StudioOne 4 and Mixbus 32C).

Just need to remember to switch modes when I switch DAWs.
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