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Originally Posted by nofish View Post
More progress, virtual display is working, yay !

What confused me yesterday (when I thought it didn't work) was that there's nothing displayed if track name is empty (doh, my bad).

Reaper's native MCU plugin shows the track numbers in this case instead, maybe that's a good idea for future versions.

as you move the fader the display shows volume in db, then, after you let go of the fader the display reverts back to track name.

I guess this isn't implemented yet ?

Ready for what's to come next.

Btw, my remarks in the previous post weren't ment as negative feedback (I know we're in early testing stage), rather as hints for other testers , in case that came across wrong.
Fader shows db ? Not yet, but it will come along as we work through the list.

No worries, my skin is thick, and I didn't even get a neg vibe at all anyway

As far as channel numbers, will think about it, the obvious pushback being that's what they wanted "", or they would have named the tracks...
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