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Hi kram0,

i only get the following in OSCII-bot

Error listening for '„localhost:9001“'
0 inputs, 0 outputs, 1 bidirectional

Total: 1 scripts, 0 inputs 0 outputs 1 bidirectional

I managed to get the osc massage out when script is loaded.

Only thing i need is to resolve the Error mentioned above and i need to store the string wich contains the name of the marker and the number if this marker so i can push it out to different buttons.

sendstring = ( name of the marker)
sendnumber = ( number of the marker )
sendcommand = " s/style/text/1/sendnumber"

So i could come up with something like

oscmatch("s/marker/*/name") ?
(oscsend(Companion, sendcommand, sendstring));

Sry, but i don't get the syntax of this language. I searched a lot but i don't get the initial spark.
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