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Hi Florian
You just need to catch the OSC command and translate it to what you require.

This example will trigger when the OSC command begins with 's/marker/' and ends with '/name':

oscmatch("s/marker/*/name") ? (
(do something here...);

So see if this works as a test. I'm not sure what the exact syntax your device is expecting but have a play with it. When the script is launched it should immediately send "Test String" to "page 1". I hope it makes sense!

@input DAW_Reaper OSC „localhost:9001“ //9001 osc out port reaper
@output Companion OSC „localhost:12321“ //12321 osc in port companion

sendcommand = "/style/text/page/1/";
sendvalue = "Test String";

//The following line sends the OSC command to your device
oscsend(Companion, sendcommand, sendvalue);

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