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macro to effectively `solo` many takes recorded in free item positioning mode.

not sure if this is general knowledge, but I like the freedom FIPM gives to a many takes situation, especially if recorded looped with autopunch.
the problem is normally that you cannot solo a `take` like in take mode, only mute the items you dont want to hear, so with many items this is a pain:
select all items in selected track (or time selection of track upto you)
mute all selected items
select item under mouse
unmute selected item.

i can now point at the take/pass i want to hear and use macro to solo it much like in takes mode, but can then easily unmute other takes to play together, split move adjust volume etc. all in place. good for doubling or harmonies, but you can lose the dodgy harmony take or the first few where you were warming up.

hope thats of some help, i like it anyway!
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