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Default Freeze Macro Set


use the download above, it's working in Reaper beta3 (May 12 2009)

** also, the freeze.dll has been replaced by sws.exe (which combined all his separate plugins and self-installs)

NB: You need REAPER 2.52 or later version installed, for Item Freeze to work.
Check 'Do not process muted tracks' in Reaper\Preferences\Audio.
************************************************** ************************************************** *********

This is a macro keymap for using freeze in Reaper. It includes a fast and simple freeze for track items, and a full freeze for all track types (Normal/Folder/Child/Buss).

Both types of freeze are fully restorable, and you can also toggle the state off/on while frozen...unfreezing also deletes the source file to the recycle bin. Neither unfreeze action should delete your original files.

************************************************** ************************************************** *********

Download the FreezePak, and follow the instructions.

Install SWS.exe and put Reaper_Xenakios_Commands.dll in Reaper\Plugins, THEN start Reaper.

Place Freeze.ReaperKeymap in Reaper\Keymaps

Press shift-/ (?), click on import, doubleclick Freeze.ReaperKeymap

(then press asterix (*) to see only the Freeze shortcuts...they fit with REAPER's default mapping)

(the same keymap without assigned shortcuts is supplied also for experienced mappers - Freeze_(no_shortcuts).ReaperKeyMap)

Select the track(s) to freeze, and then:

1. Choose either a fast Item Freeze (uses 'apply fx' for simple tracks with items), or

2. Choose a slower, comprehensive Track Freeze (works on ALL track types, normal/folder/child/buss, except those with pre/post fx sends)

Track Freeze:

Press Alt-Shift-F to Track Freeze a stereo track.

Press Alt-Shift-M to Track Freeze a mono track.

Press D to set Track Freeze off (for comparison)

Press F to set Track Freeze on again.

Press Alt-Shift-Delete to Unfreeze the selected track, which deletes the frozen rendered take(s) to the recycle bin.

Item Freeze:

Press Ctrl-Shift-F to Item Freeze a stereo track.

Press Ctrl-Shift-M to Item Freeze a mono track.

Press W to set Item Freeze off (for comparison)

Press E to set Item Freeze on again.

Press Ctrl-Shift-Delete to Unfreeze the selected track items, which deletes the frozen rendered take(s) to the recycle bin.

************************************************** ************************************************** **************************

** (special thanks to SWS, Xenakios and Mercado_Negro for their vision, input and plugin coding)

** related thread with screenshots...
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