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Originally Posted by COCPORN View Post
Hey, man! I finally got around to forking out my hard earned cash for the Real World Recording-class, and I feel like giving some feedback. I'll start off with the "bad", but you don't really need to pay too much attention to this, as they are minor details/tweaks: There are certain problems with sound (volume, out of sync, metronome sound missing) at certain points in the class. It's a minor detraction from the material. Also, the videos would be easier to navigate if they were named with the "chapter" first, so they show up in order in the folder, "1 SWS Presets and", etc. And there was perhaps too much time spent actually doing the slip editing once the concept and techniques were conveyed, but it was really fun watching the project take shape.

The good/excellent things, in my opinion: I had no idea REAPER was natively capable of this, and that it would sound "that good". It's really cool how it was all done with internal effects. It's one thing reading about JS-plugins, quite another to actually taking the time to use one of them, which I hardly have until now. Well, that's changed for me.

Also, it was really fun to watch the step-by-step evolving of the song. I though I would get tired of the material (Faith +1?), but the song turned out really good.

One thing that I kind of "missed", and I hope you could comment on a little, is the strategy behind setting up the gain structure. It seemed to me like you were able to just add more and more stuff without the master meter really going that high as an effect of it. It sounded louder and fuller, but it didn't go into the red. It would be cool if you could share your thoughts on this. This seems to be a recurring problem for me, I feel like I'm attacking it the wrong way out of habit. Perhaps a future class?

Anyway, I'm really happy with the investment, would recommend it to anyone who's at that level of competency and will definitely be picking up any future products you decide to release.

Learned a lot, thanks a bunch!
Hey man, Thanks for the kind words and for the critiques! I learned a lot from making this first product. I'm hoping to have all my future products a little more polished by taking these kind of comments into consideration. :-)

I'm working on putting together a better TOC for the videos and stuff like that for a stand alone launcher.

About the files having better labels and such. Did you use the "OpenMe" file? This would open your browser as an HTML based file launcher and all the files/videos are in order and labeled.

Thanks again for the comments.
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