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Default Exporting Midi to Audio for Multi Track Drums (Kontakt Related)

Hello Everyone!

I have a question about exporting Midi to audio. I also don't know how to search for what I am looking for, as in, I can't figure out what words to search lol

So I use the built in Kontakt kits for my drums at the moment (though I am hoping to get something more substantial in the future). After I get the midi laid out I do the usual "Apply track/take FX to items as new track (multichannel output)" or whatever the exact words are.

I am wanting to do multi track audio for my drums so I can mix them better. I have tried every tutorial I can find to do multi track drums inside of Kontakt and it doesnt work for me.

Here is the order of what I do to get multi track audio using the kik as an example.

1) In the Midi Take window I cut all the midi notes but the kik
2) Apply track/take FX to items as new track (mono output)
3) Explode All Takes To New Tracks
4) Delete the new Midi track and obviously keep the audio track
5) Delete Active Take
6) Delete all the midi notes for the kik
7) Paste the midi notes back into the Midi Take window
8) Rinse and Repeat

Now this is much quicker than having to mic up a kit of course but I was wondering if there is a quicker or easier way to do this? I tend to miss how great Reaper is and do things in a very complicated way but its much easier to do here. Must be my years training and using ProTools (ba-dum-tsh).


Any help would be awesome, thanks so much!
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