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Originally Posted by ed78 View Post
Hope someone can help.

I adjusted color settings inside Theme Adjuster. It did something unexpected by randomly assigning colors to tracks. Well, unexpected to me but surely that is the way it is set up.

I use SWS Auto Color/Icon/Layout since it saves a lot of time if a lead vocal or electric guitar track has the same color without having to set it for each project.

Is there a way whereby I can reset the settings theme adjuster has made. I personally like the V6 theme more than the V5 theme.

I switched to the V5 theme and back to V6 theme in the hope that it will reset the settings but without any luck.

I found the reset. I changed some colors in the Theme Tweaker with the hope that it will reset the Theme Adjuster and it did.

Which means I won't be able to use the Theme Adjuster for now since I change the FX Browser to a dark background as well as the track lanes and empty arrange area to a darker shade of grey. Much smoother looking and easier on the eyes and it fits better with the beautiful new Reaper 6 theme.

No pressure. I believe all the bugs and compatibility will be sorted out in one of the future updates.

The new theme is awesome by the way. Thanks.
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