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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post

Now please go to "Options > Show Reaper resource path in explorer/finder" to locate your reaper-themeconfig.ini file, and open it. In the section '[Default_6.0]' look for param1=xx. This is the parameter for the Mixer folder indent, we'll use it as the test parameter because its param1. Please note its current value. Then use the script to change the Mixer folder indent, and then reload your reaper-themeconfig.ini. And here's the million dollar question:

Has the value for param1 changed?!

If not ...there's the problem Let me know, and we can start tracking it down.

I see the folder indent parameter as param2 and it does change between 5-7 with the script, default theme, ver6.0 rev635c34

good luck, hope it helps, appreciate what you do.
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