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Originally Posted by White Tie View Post
If you have multiple installs of Reaper, or multiple installs of the script, or perhaps because you are on a portable install (we have yet to clarify if this matters, it shouldn't), or perhaps because you have been doing things with .ini files, the connection between the script and the reaper-themeconfig.ini can get it wires crossed, and your changes will be written to a file the Reaper install you are using doesn't access.
FWIW, normal portable installs alone haven't had any effect on this on my end. I've used the v6 theme and the script right from when they were first introduced and the only time settings were messed was during one phase where the script was changed. I've updated pretty much all pre-releases and current official version both on top of older Reaper versions and as fresh installs on Win7 and Win10 PCs. Not much help not being able to reproduce, but keeping my eyes on it...
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