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Originally Posted by mykrobinson View Post
you may be onto something... I first started working with old projects (not ancient, i just mean i didn't start with a clean project). My historical projects are color coded, i used SWS Auto Color. Wonder if the custom color is the common thread?
I mentioned this in a post somewhere that SWS Auto Color stuff doesn't really work with the theme adjustor, as far as I can tell.

For example, I have say a nice orange for tracks with the name "Lead".

If I use the color palette thing in the Theme Adjustor, it might change all current tracks named Lead to another color.. perhaps a really nice one I like even more! Now if create another track named Lead, it still uses the older color that I'd set up in SWS Auto Color. Not exactly what i would hope for, as that basically renders this color palette thing (which I happen to really like!!) useless for me... unless I'm just doing something wrong with it.

What would be nice (imo) is to be able to use the color palette thing to generate up some new SWS Auto color options and have those stick.

I assume that's not what it was designed for, but given that my new projects start out with several tracks in them by default with auto coloring (I have a default template I created) the new color palette options don't make sense for me to use right now. It's too bad because I think that's a real neat feature.
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