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Good morning. @White Tie , I filed a bug report on this topic yesterday before you asked me to join this thread. I wanted to direct you towards that thread, I have some information in there that may (or may not) be useful

Long story short, I got frustrated at the theme literally reverting itself while I was actively using Reaper. It seemed to be consistent with me making non-related edits in preferences, and as soon as i hit "apply", the theme would revert.

I noted that the .ini file was not saving, and the time stamp for the file was from when I installed Reaper (new pc build, clean install, no data imported)

I read another thread about the topic and tired the portable install, and copied the .ini file into my proper install directory. What i found interesting was that even if I totally deleted the .ini file, a new one was not recreated, and the theme appeared to do what it wanted.

I got frustrated and wanted to just get back to working, so I changed my theme to Default 5 and worked for a bit. Then i started playing with rebuilding some track templates, being very careful to not import ANYTHING to make sure that I was not breaking things. On a whim, I changed back to Default 6 theme in a clean project while working on the track templates, and i noticed that the theme suddenly looked right... I then checked the timestamp on the .ini file and saw that the timestamp had changed.

I loaded an older project (the one i first started working with) and it now appeared correct as well.

Not sure what the catalyst is for this, but I am very curious for others to test switching to Default 5 for the theme, then back to Default 6, and see if it suddenly starts working for them as well. And if it does, the million dollar question is "why does this work," or was it just coincidence

Thanks for your hard work and assistance. And disregard the "long story short" comment at the top, apparently i write books of useless babble and double talk. It's a gift...
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