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Originally Posted by MT_ View Post
A better implementation would contain a built-in scaling mechanism that would upscale any chosen theme to any current OS-level zoom. For example, a theme that supports 200% at maximum, could then be upscaled to any higher zoom such as 400% (with 22 square pixels), 600% (with 33 pixels), 800% (with 44 pixels) with integer scaling with no blur, or any non-integer-ratio one like 300% (150%=1.5 relative to 200%) or even something unusual like 188% (1.88) by downscaling from 200% using bicubic or bilinear interpolation.
I think we have this already. In 'Advanced UI/System Tweaks' options in the preferences menu there are more HiDPI scaling options now, as well as a global scaling option for UI elements. I'm using 5.0 default nitpicky in 4k, Win10 is scaling at 150% and Reaper is scaling with it and looks great (for the most part).
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