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Default v6.0+dev1204 - December 4 2019

v6.0+dev1204 - December 4 2019
  • + ARA: inform plugins that audio source content has changed after external edits [t=227813]
  • + Automation items: add sine shape, tilt parameter
  • + MIDI editor: add basic CC LFO dialog
  • + MIDI editor: fix macOS Metal Retina rendering glitch when nav lane is visible and resized
  • + MIDI editor: refresh open editors after changing default MIDI note colormap
  • + MIDI editor: remove support for per-media-item note colormaps
  • + MIDI editor: support HiDPI/Retina images for track list
  • + MIDI editor: support HiDPI/Retina transport button images
  • + MIDI inline editor: support HiDPI/Retina theme images
  • + MIDI: optionally display program names and text events in arrange view
  • + Media explorer: support HiDPI/Retina transport button images
  • + Mouse modifiers: add modifiers to adjust loop section start/end
  • + ReaScript IDE: add checkbox to disable state watchlist
  • + ReaScript IDE: do not run watch window continuously after script has stopped running
  • + ReaScript IDE: reduce watch update frequency
  • + ReaScript: remove support for deprecated MIDI support file types
  • + ReaSurround: improve multimonitor HiDPI issues on Windows
  • + ReaVerb: enable ZL/LL by default for better low-latency performance
  • + Stretch markers: preserve beat-based positions of stretch markers when item timebase is beats (position, length, rate)
  • + Takes: implode items into takes only if at least half of the item overlaps [p=2207040]
  • + VST3: add support for plugins that output MIDI CC data, via LegacyMIDICCOutEvent
  • # MIDI editor: add sine shape to LFO dialog
  • # MIDI editor: better interpolation of LFO start/end
  • # MIDI editor: fix unintentionally disabled menu items (effectively reverts c548c617)
  • # MIDI editor: increase width of CC LFO dialog on HiDPI displays [t=168589]
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